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Vision Statement

Our vision is to plan, build and effectively operate a 21st-century regional library based here in Historic Kennett Square. We want our library to be state of the art in every respect, including these:

• Our leadership and management team
• Our customer service staff
• Our Board of Directors
• Our capabilities and responsiveness to our users, the community and our region
• Our delivery of services
• Our technology, systems and procedures
• Our entire library environment -- including the new building and all its parts
• Our financial systems, practices and operating structures
• Our fund-raising and our donor relations
• Our communication with our user community and all our stakeholders
• Our foresight and our ability to innovate and adapt to changing needs; and,
• In the example we set and the attitude we have in welcoming and serving everyone.

To make this Vision a reality, our Board is already working to understand, re-think and optimize every facet of our library in preparation for our new building and the new library it will house.


Thomas C. Swett, President

Appointed by East Marlborough Township

Jeff Yetter, Vice-President

Appointed by Kennett Township

William McLachlan, Treasurer/Secretary

Appointed by Kennett Township

Karen Ammon

Appointed by Newlin Township

Chris Britt

Member at large, Kennett Township

Henry Brown

Member at large, Newlin Township

Betsy Del Vecchio

Appointed by Pennsbury Township

Jim DiLuzio

Appointed by New Garden Township

Margaret Egli

Appointed by East Marlborough Township

Chris Larsen

Member at Large, Pocopson Township

Carolyn Nicander Mohr

Appointed by Pennsbury Township

Dr. Loren Pearson

Appointed by Newlin Township

Bradley Peiper

Appointed by Pocopson Township

Dr. Barry W. Tomasetti

Member at Large, New Garden Township

Dr. Brenda Williams Mercomes

Appointed by the Borough of Kennett Square Audrey Donohue Trustee Emeritus